Know the importance of PAT Test reports and certification. Without proper certificates, could your insurance be void?

PAT Testing Certificates

PAT test certificates are extremely important to your record keeping, and they should show your entire asset register, leads and all. The certificate should be detailed, and show plenty of information about each appliance, including results for all the tests. Most importantly, details on failed appliances should be recorded. Does your PAT testing company give you a written report detailing failed appliances and what action the engineer has taken to remove them from service, or at least report them to a responsible person? If not, why not?

Where health and safety is concerned, companies need to ensure that details about all appliances are forthcoming, and if they are not, we would suggest you are not getting a good service.

Importance of qualifications

Many companies offering this service will state the importance of being NICEIC / ECA registered etc. Whilst this is something to look for, we would suggest that even more importantly the engineer coming to carry out the work is “competent” and this means as well having City and Guilds 2377 qualification, that the engineer REGULARLY carries out this work, AND KNOWS WHAT HE/SHE IS DOING! Low-cost companies may send an engineer who has had little on the job training, which may leave them unsure as to what test to carry out on some items. Do not risk it!

The risks of not having an up to date Certificate

Whilst the laws, or rather recommendations, on testing frequencies for various types of appliances are varied, leaving you the client to decide how often you feel your appliances should be tested, there are serious risks if you do not have a regime of testing that is regular, or only having one certificate done some years back. For example:

a) Your insurance policy could be void
b) Any accident that does occur where a member of staff or the public is harmed, you could find yourself being sued
c) If you do not adhere to good practice and get your appliances checked regularly, there may be one or two rogue appliances lurking within your premises that could cause a fire, and your business could burn down literally, which is a worst case scenario but must be considered.

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PAT Testing certificates